Spearhead in the Luxury League: Bentley Flying Spur is particularly special

              Sunday, October 20, 2019

 Bentley_Flying_Spur_MY2020_1.jpg "src =" https://apps-cloud.n-tv.de/img/21334139-1571237155000/16-9/750/Bentley-Flying-Spur-MY2020-1.jpg "/></p><p>In early 2020, Bentley will launch the new Flying Spur at prices starting at 215,000 euros.</p></div></div><div>               <strong> The Porsche Panamera is too progressive and the Audi A8 too decent? Then maybe Bentley has the right car for spoiled customers in the VW Group: With the new Flying Spur, the British compete once again for leadership in the House of Lords – and go straight to confrontation with Rolls-Royce. </strong><br />               Actually, it is not much more than a silly gimmick. But at the same time a very elegant challenge. Because the fact that now over the radiator of the new Bentley Flying Spur enthroned a sculpture, which you can squeeze on top of that at the push of a button, makes clear the claim with which the British bring their new luxury sedan in early 2020 at prices starting at just 215,000 euros ,</p><div class=  Bentley_Flying_Spur_MY2020_2.jpg "data-src =" https://apps-cloud.n-tv.de/img/21334144-1571237382000/17-6/750/Bentley-Flying-Spur-MY2020-2 .jpg "class =" lazyload "/> The new Flying Spur plays in its own league.</div><p>It’s not the Audi A8, the BMW Seventh or the Mercedes S-Class that are the competitors, but rather, if there’s a car at all It is at best a Rolls-Royce, and at least in terms of glamor and glamor, the former sister brand has meanwhile caught up with: the radiator grille is no less flashy, not to mention the impressive size of the sedan. And now that even a "B", illuminated from below and decorated with wings, is standing in the wind, the "Spirit of Ecstasy" is no longer unrivaled.</p><h2> Now with radiator</h2><p>Alone on this "Flying B" Bentley designed and developed for two years – but a new flagship makes m in itself not every day. The last Flying Spur is already biblical 14 years ago. And because the Mulsanne, which is built anyway only in homoeopathic numbers, so slowly drives to the old part, the Flying Spur will actually soon move to the top. And not only for Bentley, but for the entire VW Group. Because even if the luxury sedan shares the platform with the Audi A8 and Porsche Panamera, she is at least a class above it.</p><div class=  Bentley_Flying_Spur_MY2020_4.jpg "data-src =" https://apps-cloud.n-tv.de/img/21334151-1571237337000/17-6/750/Bentley-Flying-Spur-MY2020-4 .jpg "class =" lazyload "/> The proportions of the new Flying Spur are very consistent, each character line seems to fit perfectly.</div><p>This is not only true for the self-assured appearance of the Dick ship with its huge grill and LED headlamps in crystal glass look and his format of a stately 5.30 meters, but also for the price, which can easily be drifted over 300,000 euros with a few extras – especially when the artisans specializing in particularly expensive extra sausages from Mulliner have their hands in the game.</p><h2> Fond for relaxing</h2><p>Technically closely related to Continental GT and convertible, the developers this time clearly shifted the focus and literally showed a little more consideration, because at the rear of the two-door car at most a better wardrobe is sitting in the Flying Spur the main characters mostly behind. That’s why at 3.20 meters wheelbase not only gives you a generous amount of legroom and air-conditioned massage seats with large, electric adjustment paths. Bentley has also developed a new infotainment system especially for the backbenches – including tablets and a smartphone-style remote control.</p><div class=  Bentley_Flying_Spur_MY2020_8.jpg "data-src =" https://apps-cloud.n-tv.de/img/21334177-1571237499000/17-6/750/Bentley-Flying-Spur-MY2020-8.jpg " class = "lazyload" /> Under the hood is a twelve-cylinder powerful 6-liter displacement and impressive 635 hp.</div><p>But so feudal you can chauffeur in the rear, as cloudy as the air spring also embeds and as far as you behind the Isolated from the world of insulating glass, so loud you hear the lure of the performance, which inevitably pulls behind the wheel.</p><h2> Balancing with high-tech and craftsmanship</h2><p>Finally, under the hood is a twelve-cylinder of powerful six-liter displacement and impressive 635 hp. One does not like to leave that to a chauffeur, but prefers to make it a top priority, and the ambience with its special and spectacular contrast of high-tech and craftsmanship has its charm.</p><div class=  Bentley_Flying_Spur_MY2020_9.jpg "data-sr c = "https://apps-cloud.n-tv.de/img/21334178-1571237643000/17-6/750/Bentley-Flying-Spur-MY2020-9.jpg" class = "lazyload" /> The cockpit of the new Flying Spur impresses with exquisite materials.</div><p>If you succumb to it, you will discover the surprising discovery that the new Flying Spur is much easier to handle than before. In spite of the fact that the ride with the predecessor of all performance was sometimes real work, the new one is always and everywhere a pleasure. Because this time it is not just the engine that shifts the limits of physics with its 900 Nm. How else would he balance the 2.5-tonner within 3.8 seconds to 100 and then drive at full throttle with 333 km / h even many serious sports cars?</p><h2> Comfort sedan with sports car qualities</h2><p>With the new generation, the suspension shakes the foundations of the natural sciences. The three-chamber air spring dominated both a cloudy comfort setting and the uncompromising hardness hurry self-propelled, the 48-volt actuator on the struts let the Flying Spur upright and without wavering even through tight corners and the first built at Bentley all-wheel steering leaves that Shrink the car to a rather handy format.</p><div class=

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