Second electoral round in the air: Evo Morales sings victory and the opposition denounces an "extremely serious" maneuver



Evo Morales, president since 2006, will not have reached 50% of the votes required to continue leading the country  Evo Morales
The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, after knowing the results.


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The first provisional counting of votes in the general elections of Bolivia around 80% and 90% of the counting, has opened the door for the celebration of a second historical election round, somewhat indicated in the Andean country . Evo Morales, president since 2006, will not have reached 50% of the votes required to continue leading the country . The candidate of the Movement To Socialism (MAS), with 45.7% of the votes, also did not exceed his rival by more than 10%, according to the provisional data made public tonight (early morning in Spain) The former president Carlos Mesa in charge of the Citizen Community, will have obtained around 37.8% of the support, which according to the ViaCiencia count will be reduced to only 4 and a half points. Thus, after three elections in which to win, Morales must face a second round of elections for the first time, according to preliminary data. But in his first appearance before the country, after an hour and a half after the announcement, Morales cant victoria . “We have won again. We understand the preliminary data, we will wait until the last scrutiny “, announced the indigenous leader, who anticipated his final victory with the support of the votes of the field. At the time of his speech, there had already been a break in the recount, which alarmed the Organization of American States (OAS): “It is essential that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) explain why the transmission of preliminary results and that the process of publishing the data of the computation develops in a fluid way “. In this way, what everyone took for granted, the celebration on December 15 of a second round, was in a suspenseful suspect. “Once again, the TSE breaches its word . Its commitment was to give us 100% of the results through the TREP (Provisional Election Results Transmission), a commitment to the security of something we all know, from of all independent counts. We are in the second round with a difference of less than five points. What is happening is extremely serious we cannot accept that it is a question of manipulating a result that obviously leads us to the second round. ” , protest Mesa through a video uploaded to his social networks.

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