The army decreed the curfew in Santiago for the persistence of the riots after the rise in the price of the subway



Earlier, President Piera announced the suspension of the rise in subway tickets until an agreement is reached that allows citizens to be protected from the dollar increase
Barricades in flames in the streets of Santiago de Chile.


Discontent spreads with President Piera on the defensive

Subway climb.

Piera announces exceptional status
The metallic noise of the beaten pans was heard again on the night of Chile this Saturday as a protest against the curfew decreed by the Army for the riots that have occurred since Friday and that have the Chilean capital and some peripheral neighborhoods in state of emergency . A form of peaceful demonstration to demonstrate the population’s dissatisfaction with the measures taken by the Government of Sebastin Piera to deal with the resurgence of protests against the rise of the passage of the Santiago Metro, a rise that was reversed this Saturday by the president himself.However, despite the suspension of the measured polmica, strong protests were repeated in the Chilean capital with riots, fires and looting, for what the army division general Javiar Iturriaga in charge of public order during the state of emergency, orders the curfew .The restriction of the freedom of mobility of people between 22.00 and 07.00 local time (01.00 and 10.00 GMT on Sunday) has become the first time that these public security methods have been implemented since the end of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990) .And with the restrictive measures back also returned the ways of expressing social discontent when you can not go to the streets to demonstrate. People took to the streets in the afternoon of this Saturday before the curfew start time arrived with its pans and pans in the hand to hit them hard on hundreds of Santiago crossings. As the time of freedom restriction was approaching, the noise of the cacerolazos began to replicate in the gardens and balconies, as in the dictatorial era.However, this protest, which was adopted by the Chilean popular class during the Pinochet years, originated in the sectors more could Entities of Santiago as a rejection of the bourgeois class of the country to the shortage of products that were experienced during the Government of the Popular Unit of the Socialist Salvador Allende (1970-1973), The curfew order is the last of the measures taken to reverse the excesses that occurred in the last two days and involves the deployment of more units of the Army, which had already sent 500 soldiers to the streets of the capital since early Saturday. The rise in the price of the subway was the trigger for a citizen protest to express dissatisfaction with the lack of life in Chile and the inequalities of the country, which broke out this Friday, despite the fact that President Sebastin Piera announced on Saturday the suspension of the increase , in a pitched battle that caused the curfew in the capital.

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