Brexit: the golden egg hen



Anti-Brexit protesters in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Brexit is the hen of the golden eggs of British populist politics that has broken into force in this 21st century and whose devastating waves have hit the shores of the Old Continent. Hence everything pointed to what happened yesterday in Westminster: we will continue, for now, with more Brexit. No matter how much work is done to give it a binder, the brexitero headache is profitable for United Kingdom politicians . The first beneficiary of the terrible situation was Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has not come to office for the polls, but for his position on Brexit, for squeezing the delicate matter, turning it around, playing with it and with the designs of his own Tory party (he has been about to fracture it) and the British people. Apart the former premier Theresa May with a swipe and now demands that the agreement she made with the European Union be approved except for the last touches that the DUP unionists consider a betrayal of Northern Ireland . Johnson had to notice May’s fra gaze, yesterday at Westminster, in his neck. What surreal images are giving us the temple of British democracy . So we are still waiting for how and when the final farewell takes place between London and Brussels. When it happens, what will the EU do without that partner dscolo, the one who most wanted (and gets) to attract attention? It is not going to get bored, of course, because Europe has more enemies inside . See the case of Matteo Salvini, the former Italian Interior Minister. Salvini is now out of play, in full opposition, but the great European leaders do not lose sight of him. They know that they can return – when they least expect it – to power in Italy. Even taller and with more whip. Therefore, the community popes walk these days with lead feet. They do not want to give excuses to transalpine citizens to warrant Euroscepticism or anti-Europeanism among themselves. A misstep, a contempt for Rome, and Salvini grow in the polls . It is time to help Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. And not only with words, but with deeds. Does anyone doubt the guidance that Europe has made to Italy with the appointment of Paolo Gentiloni as commissioner of Economic Affairs? A portfolio for the student who has been doing his homework wrong, which has not been sacrificed in this area like other European colleagues. What can Lisbon or Dubln think? Obviously, they have become angry and have knocked on the German doors with saa in search of an explanation. “Yes, they are right. But Matteo Salvini is still there,” they recently confessed from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s close circle. This same source pointed out that from Berlin, other countries that can also fracture the European Union are taken into account: those in the East. “We talked about it with France. Emmanuel Macron is passion, impulse, haste for Europe. We Germans have another rhythm. More calm, more boring, but more successful, so as not to provoke the Eastern front “. We speak of the labyrinth of Brexit, but Europe has before it a whole crossroads.

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