The British Parliament obliges Boris Johnson to request an extension of Brexit

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The ‘speaker’ of the British Parliament, John Bercow, addresses the deputies.

The British Parliament has approved an amendment to force an extension of Brexit beyond October 31 . By 322 votes in favor and 306 votes against, the amendment presented by former conservative Oliver Letwin has temporarily thwarted Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plans for the Westminster approval of his agreement with Brussels. Johnson may temporarily cancel voting on his agreement until next week. Meanwhile, the ‘premier’ may be forced to send a letter to Brussels requesting the postponement of Brexit in compliance with the amendment approved by Parliament. In his previous intervention in the Chamber, which held the Special session on Saturday for the first time in 37 years, Boris Johnson anticipated that “there is very little appetite in the EU for a new extension of Brexit”, and warned that the alternative to his agreement is the dreaded “no deal” . “I do not intend to negotiate an extension of Brexit and the law does not oblige me to that” said Johnson as soon as he lost his vote. “The best thing for both us and the EU is that we leave on October 31,” said, at the time of announcing his intention to finally submit his agreement to a parliamentary vote next week .Johnson suffered in any case the eighth parliamentary defeat in three months by 16 votes, including those of several of the 21 deputies expelled from the party three weeks ago and who made common cause with the opposition. The leader of the Labor opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, called the vote “historic”, condemns Johnson’s “bad agreement” and said that the only political exit is “to call a new popular vote” . The approval of the amendment was celebrated with cheers by the thousands of anti-Brexit protesters gathered at the gates of Parliament.

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