Johnson urges Parliament to join forces and complete Brexit

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The ‘premier’ asked for the vote in favor of his agreement with Brussels, “which guarantees the exit of the EU and preserves our ties of friendship and cooperation with Europe.”

Premier Boris Johnson has urged to the British Parliament to “join forces and culminate in Brexit”, at the start of the ‘Supersbado’ in Westminster. In a moderate and much more constructive tone than in his previous parliamentary interventions, Johnson asked for the vote in favor of his agreement with Brussels, “which guarantees the exit of the EU and preserves our ties of friendship and cooperation with Europe.” Johnson needs a majority of 320 votes to approve his agreement, and hopes to achieve it “in extremis” with the vote of the hard wing of the conservatives, with the deputies expelled from their own party and with at least nine Labor deputies, although without the 10 parliamentarians of the Unionist Democrtic Party (DUP) that announced their vote against. The opposition forces plan on their part to support a motion presented by Deputy Oliver Letwin to postpone the vote of the agreement and try to force an extension of the EU’s exit in extremis. The president of the Assembly John Bercow admitted at the last minute the vote of the political movement that could disrupt with Johnson’s plans. The premier warned Parliament to avoid the temptation of a new extension of Brexit and insinuated that the alternative to its agreement will be in the dreaded no deal. “The EU will not be willing to extend the Brexi one day,” he said, “and staying longer will not make sense, it will cost money and have a corrosive effect in the east country.” Johnson defended his agreement by thanking the “flexibility” of the EU to suppress the ‘safeguard’ or backstop policy, “which would have left all the country indefinitely trapped in the customs union. The conservative leader defended his specific solution for Northern Ireland – which continue de facto in the customs union and aligned with the single market – considering that “it keeps the border open, if infrastructure and without visible changes.” “Europe is our continent,” he reiterates. “A part of our hearts is in Europe. We have been skeptical about the European integration project, but we still have a passion for Europe. “The premier made a last call to unity, especially aimed at pro Brexit deputies in the ranks of other parties, and said his agreement is the best way of “uniting the country, moving forward and ending the divisions of the last three years.” The leader of the opposition, Labor Jeremy Corbyn, nevertheless dismissed Johnson’s plan as “worse than Theresa May’s “and criticized the fact that the Government has not been able to submit timely reports on the legal viability and economic impact of the agreement reached on Thursday with Brussels. Thousands of Britons and Europeans warm up in the meantime engines for the latest organized anti-Brexit demonstration by People’s Vote, which break in Parliament early on Saturday afternoon and claim a second EU referendum.

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