World Menopause Day: There's a Life After the Hot Flash!

              Friday, October 18, 2019

                By Sabine Oelmann

 116243985.jpg "src =" "/></p><p>Such a turtleneck is a tricky thing when it gets hot. The best thing thin under wear.<br /> (Photo: picture alliance / dpa)</p></div></div><div>               <strong> The menopause should not be a social taboo, because menopausal women are in the thick of their lives, even if they prefer to sit. Can we change that and make the menopause sexier, at least to a normal stage in every woman’s life? Yes, we can! </strong><br />               Women – be strong now, because it’s getting hot! In your minds, under your blouses, and in your life, the words "sprightly" or "sturdy" will be more common, not really hot. But who gets the word "vaginal dryness" liquid (cough) over the lips (cough), gets an extra hard work bee – but unfortunately does not automatically have more fun during sex.</p><div class=  wechelsjahre2.jpg "data-src =" "class =" lazyload " /> This happens when you type in "Woman, Menopause" in the image search … Well … (Photo:</div><p>Men – be strong too! Your wife can not help being so especially sensitive, and no, she’s no looser than you, if you have men with colds or midlife crisis, maybe she just needs new clothes and not a new Harley, she’ll probably get the breathable little ones (more is needed) do not buy in the heat), do not apply for an extra biker self-discovery holiday, and do not cheat on the next-best "Oh" -pair-boy – women in the prime of life are often thwarted – from her own body – but it is also time to relax a bit, what This topic. And so: Ran to the bacon! Menopause is a big thing and we have to talk! For while the teenage children are struggling through adolescence to become capable of generation and to be receptive, the woman between the 40s and the mid 50s fights the opposite. And must also look cute when 70-year-old men in their circle of acquaintances again have children with a 30-year-old.</p><h2> <strong> For gray hair, against belly fat? </strong></h2><div class= AD

Menopause? Do not panic !: My 10 secrets on how to stay cool during hot flashes

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The role backwards out of the “reproductive phase”, into the “I could soon become grandmother” time often associated with insomnia, lack of energy, weight changes and mood swings. Diets become an even greater ordeal, hair coloring is part of life like brushing your teeth. Of course, that does not have to be the case, gray is also great and not everyone wants to be skinny, but when women talk about it, women complain about exactly these phenomena. It takes strength to decide on gray body hair and a CERTAIN equanimity over horizontal body growth. Not every one has. So please never condemn, no matter what the woman is on! Women of this age group are often and hastily prescribed antidepressants by their doctors, who often have terribly bad knowledge of the subject. Even if they are not as bad on it as Katja Burkard, who in her book “Menopause? Do not panic!” Refreshingly frankly speaking about that, for example, the relationship with her husband threatened to fail because she was a nervous wreck. At the same time, menopausal women are medically fit for a condition. However, since the symptoms and onset and duration of this menopause are so unbelievably individual, the whole thing is extremely difficult to grasp.

 peggymonique.jpeg "data-src =" "class =" lazyload "/> Peggy Reichelt and Monique Leonhardt (from left to right) know what women might do well.</div><p>And why "break"? A pause signifies a temporary interruption of a process. "Hello – I am in the menopause" would mean that I am probably old again after the menopause – but most likely I am not Maybe I am better Maybe I am thicker or thinner But in any case this is the time when women are redefining themselves and looking after their bodies Also found Peggy Reichelt, founder of XbyX, a mid-life health portal for women, which provides women with information about the menopause and all the trappings, offers advice and solutions: "Between 40 and 60, a lot happens in the female body. Any woman should know about it so that she does not suffer unnecessarily or start late with important prevention, "advises the expert.</p><h2> <strong> Peri-what? </strong></h2><p>Peggy Reichelt and her co-founder Monique Leonhardt have died in the Incidentally, 88% of all women have not yet dealt with the term "peri-menopause." Peri-what? Exactly. "Ask your doctor or pharmacist" often helps because the symptoms of the Hormonal changes are – as already mentioned – diffuse Reichelt: "The main focus should firstly be to support changes in the daily life and lifestyle of the woman." Irregular period and less desire for sex, for example, the first signs of peri-menopause The survey is astonishing: 85 percent of women have three or more typical menopausal symptoms, according to the XbyX survey, but just under two thirds l (65 percent) do not associate these symptoms with menopause or are insecure. The majority, 79 percent, do not know what to do about their complaints.</p><div class=  menopause.jpg "data-src =" "class =" lazyload "/> Also a possibility. (Photo: imago images / ingimage)</div><p>Enlightenment is not necessary, so it may be good or not, what Gwyneth Paltrow does, but one thing is certain: the 47-year-old likes to chat about how she does Her vagina is fresh or gives tips for anal sex, but she’s also been dealing with the issue of menopause for some time now, as she also has <strong> </strong> to struggle with the first symptoms of menopause on her lifestyle blog "Goop". "Paltrow would not be Paltrow if she had no tips: lifting weights to strengthen the bones and eat healthier food!" And she would like to change the way she does it How we talk about menopause. "Menopause has a really bad reputation and mus s. "And with that Mrs. Paltrow is really right!</p><h2> Take the test</h2><div class= AD

Getting older is very sexy, you moan more: The ultimate reading confetti for post-teenagers over 50

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If you want to know more about the topic without having to end up with Brain-Fog, Brain-Frost or Brain-Fuck, then take a look at “getting older is totally sexy, you groan more “into it. Then Sabine Bode takes the medieval woman on a journey for postal youth, whose humor has not been lost. Bode once wrote jokes for Anke Engelke, Harald Schmidt and Hape Kerkeling – that’s why her extremely outrageous guidebook also reads like holding a sparkler in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other. This is for all women over 50 running businesses, leaving children out, running countries, and helping men, in short: for women in the midst of life, though they would much rather sit down. If not for more yoga helps and you think that with the nightly glass of wine is also somehow exaggerated, if you are afraid of going to bed for fear of not being able to sleep and then the next day tired of being tired, the normal insanity of everyday life – then you listen very deeply and do this test to find out at which point of the menopause (Peri? In the middle? Post?) They are. Because: We should start to pay more attention to ourselves: “If we know what the hormone changes in the menopause effect in us, that succeeds,” says Peggy Reichelt. That’s comforting. And do not worry: there is a life after the hot flash!

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