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Anti-Brexit protesters in Brussels.

EU exit.

United Kingdom and the EU reach an agreement for Brexit
So many months of negotiations, anxiety, and disappointing expectations lead us to rejoice over the achievement of an exit agreement. With reason, because there is one thing much worse than Brexit: a Brexit without agreement. But that relief does not reveal to us the main thing: Brexit is and continues to be a painful idea that impoverishes us all, materially and spiritually. And, to top it all, it was achieved in a tricky way. Therefore, congratulations to the diplomats who have succeeded, once again, square the circle. In this particular case, the question was devilish: they had to reach an agreement that did not involve the reintroduction of border controls between the two Irlandas in order to preserve the peace process born of the Good Friday Agreements, without undermining the integrity of the market European interior opening a customs and regulatory black hole. The agreement essentially satisfies that approach and does not require a choice between peace or market, although it does so at the price of imposing a series of difficult digestion on Northern Ireland. Despite the difficulties, negotiators will reach an agreement, although It seems easy to tell last bull, it was guaranteed. What has never been nor is guaranteed is that this agreement could be ratified by a sufficient majority. In his highly recommended study on the peace negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis (not by chance titled War scars, peace wounds), Shlomo Ben-Ami, protagonist of some of them, says that the most difficult thing ever was, despite the appearances, to reach an agreement with the Palestinians, but to get the Israeli Parliament to ratify the agreement. Something similar has happened here for a simple reason to understand: the permanence or continuity in the EU, which was initially the central issue that was elucidated, has long since become secondary. The only relevant thing, both for conservatives and for Labor, has been and is how to achieve power or stay in it and how to win the elections of the day after Brexit. Brexit is a plot by the radical and Europho wing of the Conservative Party to expel its most central and European sector from power. As with assaulting his particular sky, Trump used the primaries to demolish the Republican Party, Boris Johnson and his own used the referendum’s weapon to dynamite the Conservative Party. And if in the USA the role of silly til is played by Bernie Sanders believing that weakening Hillary will benefit the cause of the left, here that role has been played by Jeremy Corbyn’s myopic dogmics and his resignation to represent the European half of the population British who wants to stay in the EU. All this leaves the last word on the separation of the EU and the future of the United Kingdom from the Irish unionists. Who gives more paradoxes for less?

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