The Royals on Pakistan Tour: William and Kate Drive Tuk Tuk

              Wednesday, October 16, 2019

 kate1.jpg "src =" "/></p><p>Chic car, chic clothes: Prince William and Duchess Kate.<br /> (Photo: Imago)</p></div></div><div>               <strong> For 13 years, no senior British Royal was in Pakistan anymore. Now, Prince William and Duchess Kate attend a visit to the country. The security measures are enormous, but the two of them do not show it. Instead, they drive Tuk Tuk. </strong><br />               Prince William and Duchess Kate are currently on an unaccustomed journey. Finally, they arrived on Monday for a five-day visit to Pakistan. Although the United Kingdom and the host country, the history of Pakistan – founded in 1947 with now almost 200 million inhabitants emerged from the colony of British India. But William and Kate have been the first high-ranking royals to visit the country for 13 years. The reason should not least be the fragile security situation in Pakistan. About 1,000 police officers are supposed to take care of the protection of the heir to the throne and his wife alone. Her three children, George, Charlotte and Louis, preferred to leave William and Kate in England. As a precaution, the exact program of your trip is always announced at short notice. It was "the most complex tour, the Duke and the Duchess have undertaken so far, taking into account logistical and safety aspects," the British "Express" quoted a speaker of the Royals.Zuletzt it was William’s father Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Pakistan visited in 2006. At that time, a stay in the country was even less secure than it is today, writes the "Express" with reference to diplomats.</p><h2> Kate in an emerald dress</h2><p>Perhaps that is why William and Kate have so far been relatively unimpressed by the security concerns. For example, they also used a – for their stand – abundantly unconventional vehicle to reach a reception in Islamabad. The royal couple climbed into a brightly painted auto rickshaw, also known as tuk tuk. In many Asian countries this is certainly a widespread mode of transport.</p><div class=

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