"The Cave of the Lions": Right in the middle instead of only

              Tuesday, October 15, 2019

                From Kai Butterweck

 1645368.jpg "src =" https://apps-cloud.n-tv.de/img/21331692-1571141312000/16-9/750/1645368.jpg "/></p><p>If there is something to try, the lions are already out of their seats. There are marshmallows in the studio outside area.<br /> (Photo: TVNOW)</p></div></div><div>               <strong> Attack, test, try and scrutinize everything: When it comes to a lot of money and work, the lions leave nothing to chance. </strong><br />               As a hungry lion one wants to be as close as possible. The founder and product must finally be put through their paces. It is rare for investors to stick in their armchairs for the entire duration of a pitch. One likes to get up, shake hands and try out. Again, there is a lot of traffic between the Löwenbühne and the presentation area.</p><h2> <strong> Ralf Dümmel rubs his lower breast round muscle </strong></h2><div class=  1645362.jpg "data-src =" https: //apps-cloud.n-tv.de/img/21331687-1571141286000/16-9/750/1645362.jpg "class =" lazyload "/> The gourmet sweets arrive but do not bring a deal. (Photo: TVNOW)</div><p>Ralf Dümmel, head of the racks, starts the scene a few seconds after the first pitch banner ("Mellow Monkey") has been hit, the Hanseatic man rubs his lower breast round muscle with relish Form and pounce on the outdoor gourmet marshmallow food truck of founding couple Robert and Stephanie Ackermann, parked outside the studio, "You never forget that in your life," and "That’s the tastiest thing I’ve ever known as a lion "it sounds over the parking lot." Yes, the marshmallow K taste good but reactions really. Unfortunately, it is not enough for a deal. But it still hangs too much in the areas of concept implementation and scalability.</p><h2> <strong> Professional roast potato turning </strong></h2><div class=  1645356.jpg "data-src =" https: // apps- cloud.n-tv.de/img/21331713-1571141462000/16-9/750/1645356.jpg "class =" lazyload "/> Two Former Federal Armed Forces Officers Are Providing Food Supplement (Photo: TVNOW)</div><p>If When it comes to eating, the lions are generally no slouch, whether it be preparation or tasting: an investor can always be found who either joins in or joins in. Ideally, beauty queen Judith Williams and social media guru Georg Kofler stand by The professional roast potato turn in the first row ("Easy Pan") .This works so well that a Ralf Dümmel in the background does not torch long and the two pans-Tüftlern Tom Becker and Jan Heitmann Deal-Hand extends.Auch the two former Bundeswehr -Offiziere Philip Brohlburg and Johannes Schröder com with their power bar "Omega Bar" in the Löwenkäfig. All present tastes it, and an extra dose of "brain doping" in the form of pressed omega-3 super power can not hurt either. Just stupid that the two camouflage cabinets in terms of company rating not quite fit into the lion profile. A whopping four million euros are a bit too much.</p><h2> <strong> Problem-solving ideas from the fields of sports and animals </strong></h2><p>Düsentriebsche High-performance food is not the only power-with-lure, with where you can get the lions out of their cozy armchairs. Also high on the interaction course are sparking problem-solving ideas from the fields of sports and animals.</p><div class=

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