End of career and baby news: So ends the German toboggan glory?

              Monday, October 14, 2019

 imago38762337h.jpg "src =" https://apps-cloud.n-tv.de/img/21329822-1571059758000/16-9/750/imago38762337h.jpg "/></p><p>Then they are gone: Tatjana Hüfner ended her career, Natalie Geisenberger and Dajana Eitberger make a baby break.<br /> (Photo: imago / foto2press)</p></div></div><div>               <strong> For 21 years every year a German sledder wins the overall World Cup. It could be over now. Because with Natalie Geisenberger, Dajana Eitberger and Tatjana Hüfner three Germans stop (temporarily). National coach Norbert Loch relies on "humility" – and on a 23-year-old runner-up. </strong><br />               So far, everything was explained quite simply: Luge is a sport in which about 25 women slide down an ice channel. And in the end, always a German wins. So it was not an end in sight since the late 90s – but now this certainty is shaken: Natalie Geisenberger, the best sledder in the world, is pregnant. Since Dajana Eitberger also takes a baby break and Tatjana Hüfner has ended her career, the German women’s squad suddenly has to put together from junior staff. "Anyone can figure out what that means," said national coach Norbert Loch: "If three seasoned women from the squad are missing, then we have to rebuild completely." And of the hitherto so frequent double and triple victories, please, no one should dream anymore: "As expectant sledding we have to become humble and bake smaller rolls, the transition will not work seamlessly."</p><div class=

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