Concern for the future of the prisoners of the Islamic State amid the Turkish offensive in Syria


The Kurdish authorities have warned that one of their prisons, which contains the most dangerous jihadist criminals, has been subjected to the Turkish bombing.  Sanliurfa (Turkey) .- A picture taken from Turkish territory shows ...
Turkish bombing of the Syrian town of Ras al-Ein.
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Islamic State 2.0: the terror that comes
The Kurdish authorities have warned that one of their prisons, which contains “the most dangerous criminals of more than sixty nationalities”, was the target of the Turkish bombings, which could lead to a “catastrophe.” One of the biggest fears is that, due to the need to allocate troops to the front, the Kurdish prison system is weakened and, in the last instance, can facilitate the escape of tens of thousands of members of the Islamic State confined As American President Trump has insisted in recent days, the European reluctance to accept the repatriation of some of his extremist compatriots has only made the situation more difficult. Tens of thousands of children, children of Europeans, languish in Syrian prison camps such as Al Hol. “Turkey will keep the Daesh fighters who must be imprisoned imprisoned, while sending others to their countries of origin, if they are accepted,” Erdogan nuance. To prevent the escape of those most dangerous prisoners Trump yesterday announced the transfer, to its dependencies, of two British prisoners known as ‘the Beatles’, responsible for the torture and execution of a group of journalists and Western humanitarian workers. The Islamic State is known for knowing how to exploit, for its benefit, any situation of chaos. In addition, it has sleeping cells in the area, which have hit hard in the last few days, according to The Trust Project criteria Learn more


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