Titans: Season 2 Unveils GoT Star as Batman

 The second season of Titans is quite spectacular. Our young heroes must stand up to a new dangerous opponent. To help them, the cult hero Batman could fight by their side. A new picture shows which actor was recruited for it. In this article you will learn which Game of Thrones star slips into the new role.
The teen superheroes of Titans once again save the world. Dick Grayson, known as old Robin, has to deal with some new heroes and villains. After the return of Raven's father, the group seems to be split a bit. Grayson sees this as an opportunity to finally turn his back on the hero business. But he does not want to succeed. Because he meets other heroes, like Conner Kent and Roe Wilson.
But in the fight against the tough adversary Deathstroke he needs something more. To open the hunt for the mercenary, an important mentor is still missing. To support Grayson therefore needs the cult heroes Batman. Some time ago it became known, who should play the able flutter man. Game of Thrones star Ian Glen should slip into the new role. Fans already know Glen as the sword-swinging warrior Jorah Mormont alongside Khaleesi.

On Reddit we now get a taste of the new role of the actor. A new picture shows the actor as the millionaire Bruce Wayne, fitting with a fine suit. Unfortunately, in the Titans universe, he famously quarreled with his foster son, Dick Grayson. Can they bury the old quarrels? Is it even a duel between the Dark Knight and Deathstroke?
Showrunner Greg Walker sees the performance of Bruce Wayne as necessary, but also very tragic. In an interview he talked about the complicated relationship between Dick and Wayne. One has to respond to these in order to understand Dick better. But they will have to work hard to restore their relationship. Even though, according to Walker, "Batman and Robin would never be there again." We're still looking forward to seeing Iain Glen as Batman.
A German start date, the second season of Titans yet. You can now find the trailer for the sequel in our player. Simply click to start the video.

Moritz Döring

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