Why did Adopt Me disable trading? Roblox Promo Codes

Why did Adopt Me disable trading?

Fan of Adopt Me know that the game is extremely popular, and is the biggest game on the Roblox platform. That mantle doesn’t come without issues on occasion. One of these issues from time to time is the ability to trade pets with other players. While most people who play the game think this is a great feature, it has been fairly problematic with many younger players getting scammed out of their precious pets. Whatever side of the fence you sit on when it comes to trading, it remains a popular aspect of the game.

On September 29th, 2020 Adopt Me announced on their Twitter that they were temporarily disabling trading due to a serious bug. Here’s the exact tweet:

For now, you will just have to hold onto your pets and wait for the bug to be squashed. We hope this is sooner rather than later, because the game is going to be loaded with players once that new egg is released and dinosaurs start to roam around in the game!

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