Roblox’s Bubble Gum Simulator Gets a Halloween Update! Roblox Promo Codes

Roblox’s Bubble Gum Simulator Gets a Halloween Update!

A lot of Roblox games are getting into the spirit of Halloween, and Bubble Gum simulator is no different! If you are looking to get involved in some spooky fun, then this brand new update has everything that you could want. If you aren’t able to trick or treat, then you head into the game and go door to door in the special event zone! You will be able to get yourself some free candy, which can be used to purchase new pets and a bunch of other rewards.

Trick or treating will get you a bunch of treats, which will then be used to purchase many of the rewards. You can do this repeatedly, and you’ll want to purchase some Halloween pets, because they add a multiplier to how many treats you will get per house you go to! Your ability to trick or treat at each house is refreshed within 15 – 30 seconds or so, which makes it pretty easy to gather up a ton of candy! There’s also some candy scattered on the ground that can be picked up and multiplied via your pets.

The three new eggs you can purchase are the Slime, Candycorn, and Sinister. You’ll get plenty of candy from trick or treating, so make your way up through the eggs to the Sinister ones to get the most powerful pets! Once you’ve gotten the buffed up pets, head over to the Halloween Shop to spend a bunch of treats on some significant buffs for your bubble blowing! Before you go, make sure to grab the new code that was added in this update that will increase your hatch speed!

  • Halloween has come to Bubble Gum Simulator!
  • Go through the portal to the spooky new area…
  • New currency: Treats!
  • 3 new Eggs!
  • TONS of new Pets!
  • Limited-time event shop!
  • Earn exclusive event rewards by completing challenges!
  • Complete the Halloween pass to unlock limited-time prizes!
  • Special Halloween Spin To Win for event pets, boosts, and more!
  • Trick or Treat! Visit houses in the event world to get special items!
  • New ‘Event’ sort option so you can find your event pets easily!

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