Roblox’s Banana Eats just got new traps and levels! Roblox Promo Codes

Roblox’s Banana Eats just got new traps and levels!

Banana Eats is another of Roblox’s spooky games that pits a bunch of innocent players against one pretty scary looking banana! While this type of genre has been explored to death on Roblox, this particularly game to me, has really captured a legitimately scary atmosphere with some great looking levels and a very scary looking killer. If you’ve been playing this game for any length of time, then you know exactly what I’m talking about!

While I wouldn’t call this a Halloween update, it does bring you a free new code that will get you a Peel-O-Lantern trap that you can use in the game. Not only that, there are even more new traps to collect, and you can now level up your account by gaining XP while playing the game. Earning levels will get you some free coins that you can use to purchase new beacons, skins, and traps! Here’s a look at the new things that were added in the update:

  • NEW TRAPS! Unlock them by leveling up!
  • NEW LEVELING! The cap is Level 23.
  • NEW Bananas and Beacon
  • NEW Round music
  • Bug fixes and graphical improvements

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