Piggy’s Halloween update releases next weekend! Roblox Promo Codes

Piggy’s Halloween update releases next weekend!

The ever popular Piggy opened up Book 2 of its story not too long ago, and has recently gotten a new update that has added Build Mode. This patch includes driveable cars, block puzzles, Mr. P, grandmother, day and night modes, server browsing, slot naming, and slot 6! These are just the highlights of the update, and you can expect even more new additions with the Halloween update for Piggy coming out on the weekend of October 17th!

According to MiniToon, the creator of Piggy, it looks like you can expect three brand new skins and a new trap to be added that will be Halloween themed! Piggy itself is pretty scary on its own, so I’m curious how these will end up being Halloween based. The other bit of news that is included with this tweet, is that one of the skins and traps will only be obtainable through a limited-time event. The event will last until November, so you will have at least a couple weeks to get it! Hopefully, it won’t be too difficult, so everyone who wants it will be able to grab it in time.

You can learn all about what has been added in the Build Mode update in this video:

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