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The Minecraft Live event is is getting coming up soon, and while you won’t be able to attend in person, you will get to watch via stream! This is a lot of fun for players around the world, and this is also where you will find a bunch of new announcements for the future of Minecraft. Many people are anticipating finding out what lies ahead for us in the 1.17 patch, and we will also get a chance to weigh in on what new mob is added to the game!

Mob List & Details

Glow Squid

The Minecraft mobs you will be able to vote on are the Glow Squid, Icelogoer, and Moobloom. Each of these will appear in a different biome, so you might want to pick the one you will be encountering the most! You will be able to cast your vote during the livesteam on Minecraft’s Twitter page.

Pixelated versions of Minecraft mobs in vote



The Glow Squid is going to be a deep sea mob that has a unique glow like other fish and life you will find deep in the ocean. They act more or less just like the squid you find now in game, which means they are pretty passive and won’t attack you on sight. This could be an interesting mob to coax into a fish tank of sorts near your base that will add a nice glow to it!

Now, this is a hostile mob, that will live in the high mountains and cold biomes in the game. They will attack you if you get too close, and they will hurl flying ice clouds! If you are looking to make your mountain exploring a bit more difficult, then the Icelogoer is the mob for you.


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