Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update Announced

Many players in Minecraft have been awaiting the next announcement of what the future update in the game will be, and we have finally received an answer at Minecraft Live! The update is called Minecraft Caves and Cliffs, and will be adding some new additions to both mountains and caves. This was a highly sought after addition to the game, so players should be pretty happy with the announcement.

New Biomes

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs logo

Not a lot is known about the update yet, we’re awaiting to see what kind of details are revealed from the developers at Minecraft Live. We’ll be adding to this post as soon as more details are revealed. See what Mojang is saying about it live, via the Minecraft Live stream:

One new biome that you can expect to see is called Lush Caves. This includes a bunch of vegetation and hanging vines. You will certainly get the feel that you are within a cave that the plants have taken over. There’s going to be a new Azealia tree that shows up in the overworld, this will signify to the player that there is a Lush Cave biome if you look below where the tree is located!

Here’s a deeper look of all the vines and plant life, including some pooling water that you will see in this biome.

Minecraft Dripleaf Plant

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