How to get Slimeballs in Minecraft

Slime in swamp biome

Slimeballs are quite useful for crafting in the game, unfortunately they are quite hard to come by if your world doesn’t have the right biomes available to you.  We will tell you what you need to know about slimeballs in this guide!

How to make Slimeballs

Killing Slimes

The main use for a slimeball is to craft a Lead, Magma Cream, Slime Block, or Sticky Piston. The for the last two is a bit more rare, but the first two can be quite useful! Leads are important for guiding animals around, and Magma Cream is used in some important potion recipes.

To get slimeballs in Minecraft, you can either kill Slimes in swamp biomes, which is difficult if you don’t have a swamp nearby. You can get them from sneezing Baby Pandas, which is also hard because they only appear in bamboo jungles. Finally, you can purchase them from a Wandering Trader, which is just luck if he has them or not.

Sneezing Baby Pandas

Sneezing Baby Pandas

Slimes can also spawn in something called Slime Chunks. A chunk is a 16×16 section of a Minecraft map area, and is how the world is generated into manageable pieces. They can only spawn below layer 40, and the these Slime Chunks only occur in 1/10 of all chunks.

Slime in swamp biome

Wandering Trader

Well, this is a weird way to get slimeballs, but it’s an option available to you! When a Baby Panda sneezes, it can rarely drop a slimeball. Pandas only spawn in bamboo jungle biomes, which are pretty rare to find. Jungle biomes themselves can be a bit difficult to locate, and bamboo jungle is a rare off-shoot off of one of them! So, if you happen to have a bamboo jungle biome in your world, then you have a chance to find pandas and hope a baby one sneezes up some slime. Unfortunately, to make this even more difficult, baby pandas have a pretty low spawn rate, so don’t expect to see them very frequently!

Our 1.16 Minecraft Seeds post also has some worlds that have bamboo jungle biomes that you can explore!

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