How to get Russo’s Sword of Truth in Roblox Roblox Promo Codes

How to get Russo’s Sword of Truth in Roblox

Another of the three swords for RB Battles 2 has been found, and that is Russo’s Sword of Truth! This sword can be found within the game Build A Boat For Treasure. This is a well-known and longstanding game within Roblox, so many players should be very familiar with it. You will need to build a boat and attempt to get through obstacles to reach the blue sword in Roblox!

  • Build yourself a small boat and launch it
  • You will come to an area with some small rocks and off to the left will be a waterfall.
  • Jump off your boat and continue hopping until you reach the land near that waterfall.
  • Go through the waterfall and you will come to a table with potions and a bookshelf.
  • Hit the books in order of the potions on the table: Yellow, Red, Pink, Blue, and Green.
  • This will open the door.
  • You need to now press the books in the order of a clue that was given via a RB Battles video: Orange, Green, Black, Purple, and Black again.
  • The sun door will now open in the second room.
  • A blaster will appear and open up a hole in the floor for you to go down.
  • Once you’re in that room, you will see three white tablets. You will need to press the buttons in the shapes shown in the screenshot below (Credit to DeeterPlays).

  • Go through the portal at the front of the large room.
  • Now you will enter a room with the sword and a big computer.
  • You now fight the boss, which requires you to avoid a bunch of different projectiles (Watch the video below for tips on the boss)
  • Eventually a self-destruct button will show up, and you need to get the robot to smash the button with its fist to complete the quest!
  • Grab the sword to collect it!

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