How to get an Athletic Scholarship in BitLife Guides

BitLife is getting even deeper into sports now! They recently brought in the Pro Sports Update in a patch, and have now further extended it by bringing in additional sports and ways to interact. One of the minor complaints about the original update was that you couldn’t use athletics to get a free ride into college! Well, that has all changed with the additional update, so we will guide you through the process of using that extracurricular spot as a jumping off point to higher learning.

To get a scholarship in BitLife, you will need to join a sports team in High School or whatever the equivalent of that is in the country you are in. Make sure to have high athletics, and practice hard each year. The big sticking point to all of this is that you can’t be on the team long enough to be eligible for the draft. If you get offered to go pro in your sport, you will not receive a scholarship offer. I’m not sure why this is the case, but that has been my experience. So, if you want to get a scholarship for basketball, only play on the team for three of your High School years. If you practice enough and have high athletics, you should get offered the free ride!

Getting a Scholarship

Getting a Scholarship

Example of getting an Athletic Scholarship in BitLife

Having your athletics stat high is one of the most important aspects of being successful in sports. Once you turn age 8, you can start doing martial arts and walking. Make sure to do each of these every year to boost your athletic ability. Once the gym option opens up, you should be doing that as well. This should get you to a high enough point where you can join a sports team in High School. However, if your character started off with a really low stat, you might just need to create another one and try again. The stat is random, unless you have God Mode, which if that’s the case you can max it out from birth!

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