How to become a professional athlete in BitLife Guides

Now that the Sports Update has infiltrated BitLife, players are looking to try their hand at a career in athletics! While becoming a pro in real life is particularly difficult, if you are seeking to live out your dreams in this game, it’s actually not too difficult. You will merely need to make sure your character has enough athleticism, and then you just need to participate in the sport that you would like to join up into!

To become a professional athlete in BitLife, you will need to make sure you have a high athleticism rating. This is a hidden stat for the most part, and you will generally only see it when you try to join a sport in school or become part of a team. To raise the stat, you will need to start working out as soon as possible. This includes doing martial arts and taking long walks. Once you are old enough, you can then engage in the High School and then University sports teams. From there, you can either look to join a team out of High School, or you can get drafted from College!

How to be an Athlete

How to be an Athlete

First, you’re going to need to gain athleticism. As mentioned, the stat is hidden unless you boosted it with God Mode when you started your character. So, at the age of 8, you can start doing Martial Arts and Walking. Do both of these once a year, and make sure you select the Speed Walk option and go for the maximum amount of time. Once you reach age 12, you can then start going to the Gym. Do that each year until you are in High School. Once you are there, you should have maxed out the stat at this point or are at least close to it. You can then tryout for a team, where you will finally have your athleticism stat revealed to you.

Make sure to practice each year you are in High School, and keep up with your going to the Gym. Once you graduate, you can either go directly into trying out for a team of your choice, or you can go to the University and potentially get drafted. You will get a pretty cheap first contract if you decide on High School, so it might be worth going to University. If you go to College, you can join the team, and then practice hard each year. Once you graduate, you can become eligible for the draft. If you go undrafted, you can still tryout for a team.

After you’ve joined the team you will become famous, which opens up some additional options that can make you some money. If you continue to play at a high level, you will eventually open up the Greatness stat, which you can boost by keeping up with your practicing and being on a winning team!

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