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Black Panther Skin

Fortnite Black Panther Skin

The Black Panther Skin is a Marvel Fortnite Outfit. This cosmetic has been leaked, and the skin will hopefully be available to purchase in the near future!

How-to Get the Black Panther Skin

Black Panther is a likely skin that should be available at some point during Chapter 2 Season 4. While it hasn’t been confirmed, we know that his superpowers will be available in the game to equip. It seems likely that he will be a boss, which makes it very possible that he will be a purchasable outfit eventually. The image shown above is from the comic book and is an approximation of what the skin could look like.

Cosmetic Details

Cosmetic Details

  • Rarity: Marvel
  • Type: Outfit
  • Availability: Unreleased

Similar Cosmetics

Black Panther was leaked or datamined, which means we don’t know for sure how it will be released. Most cosmetics that are leaked will be released within 30 – 60 days of their discovery.

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