Can you become a professional athlete in BitLife? Guides

I’m sure most people who simulate a life in BitLife want to live out some of their fantasies of being a star athlete for their team or sport. This is a common dream among many people, so why wouldn’t you want to give it a run through in the game? Well, there’s some bad news for people who have been looking for this option at the moment, but hopefully things will bright up in the future.

The BitLife Sports Update is now available on iOS devices, so make sure to download so you pursue your career as an athlete. If you are on Android, however, you are going to have to wait until the updates catch up and you get to this one.

Update: Pro Sports Update

Update: Pro Sports Update

Can you become a professional athlete in BitLife? The answer to that question right now is no. You can only participate in sports if you are in school, and even then it is a bit shallow. You can practice harder and become the captain of a team, but there’s little else to be done in sports at the moment. The ability to become a sports star in the game has been a commonly requested addition, but has yet to be implemented.

We’re not exactly sure why this hasn’t been added to the game yet. It would probably be a pretty large update, if you consider all of the sports that they could potentially bring into the game. There could also be some licensing issues if they wanted to use the official sports leagues like NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. I’m also not sure if they can use the names of the athletes, but the game is pretty much a parody and uses celebrity names currently, which might make it possible.

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