Arsenal’s new Halloween update is now live! Roblox Promo Codes

Arsenal’s new Halloween update is now live!

The new Halloween update for Roblox’s popular game Arsenal has been released! With this new patch comes a new game mode called that brings random temporary status effects, like Slow Motion, Mystery Weapons, Infinite Ammo, Extra Bucks, Double Damage and more. At the end of one of these rounds, you will team up with everyone in the game to go against Hackula. This is a boss fight where you will need to dodge his attacks while dishing out damage with your weaponry!

While that’s all well and good, what about the free stuff? Well, if you were logged in during the event you were supposed to get yourself a choice of a free Halloween skin. You will also get an option for a free Unusual as well. This is kind of bugged at the moment, so if you didn’t get it upon logging in, you might want to wait for Rolve to figure things out on their end. Here’s the official word from Arsenal’s Discord:

As for additional updates, there was a whole lot of new stuff added to the game. There are 28 new characters:

There are 12 new weapons, four primary and eight melees:

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