An Alpha version of the new Roblox game Toy Planet is coming out soon! Roblox Promo Codes

An Alpha version of the new Roblox game Toy Planet is coming out soon!

A new Roblox game is on the way called Toy Planet, that will have you enter the world where Toys have come to life! Yes, if you’ve ever seen the movie series Toy Story, then you might have dreamed of what something like this will be in real life. This game has some similarities to things like Adopt Me! and Overlook Bay, because it’s a game where you’ll be crafting and collecting toys, and you will get a chance to take your toy companions with you and explore the world of Toy Planet.

The team behind Toy Planet, has announced that Chapter One of the game will be releasing on October 17th. The game will be in its alpha stage, which means it’s still early in the development and they are looking to work out all of the bugs that are in the game. You can be a big help to them if you jump into the game and alert the team of what issues you come across while playing!

The official description of the game describes a whole lot of exciting things you can do, including a lot of crafting and participating in events:

Toy Planet starter house

That’s all of the information we have on the game so far, we are watching with interest to see how the Alpha release ends up going!

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